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Jan 13, 2023

Yaoundé, Friday January 13, 2023


MAGIL Construction Corporation reaffirms its commitment to the Cameroonian government and confirms the resumption of work on the Olembe sports complex

This Friday, January 13, 2023, a visit to the sports complex of Olembe took place in the presence of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education and the Vice President of Magil Construction, Franck Mathiere. During a press briefing, Magil Construction Corporation reaffirmed its commitment to the State of Cameroon in the realization of this project and the resumption of work on Monday, following the clarifications obtained.

During a visit to the Olembe sports complex, in the presence of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Physical Education, Franck Mathière, Vice President of Magil Construction, reaffirmed the company's commitment in the finalization of this project. Recalling that the company has never left the project, he confirmed that the work would resume on Monday, January 16, 2023, following the commitment of the Cameroonian State to resolve and clear as soon as possible the technical and financial liabilities of the project and to renew the tax and customs facilities for the year 2023.

The company also recalled that to date the committed sum of 42 billion FCFA, under this EPCM contract, has been made available to the project. Half of it is allocated to the mobilization advance, and subject to amortization over the entire duration of the project. The other half was used to pay for work executed and approved.

Regarding the progress of the work, the company has reassured that the hotel and shopping center sites will be resumed and confirmed its commitment to seeing phase 2 of the project, concerning the swimming pool and tennis club, through to completion. It can be launched as soon as the required decisions are brought to its attention. MAGIL Construction Corporation will also

mobilize the technical staff to resolve the deficiencies of the main stadium and accompany the acceptance commission.

In the coming days, consultation meetings between the company and the Cameroonian government will continue to ensure the follow-up of the commitments of each party.


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