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WHAT DEFINES US-space agency
WHAT DEFINES US-space agency

What Defines Us

We are defined by the integrity of our people, the respect of our commitments, and the quality of our work. We are defined by the passion that drives us as a developmental engine for our customers. We are defined by our tenacity in finding the best solutions. We are defined by our ability to build complex buildings and infrastructure. We are defined by our long-term relationships with our partners that are built on trust. We are defined by our leadership.



Magil has taken on the mission to respond to the challenges of the construction industry through innovation, creativity, and best practices in order to provide solutions adapted to the needs of its customers.

All of which is done by maintaining the highest standards in quality and sustainable development.

Building long-term relationships based on trust with our partners to constructively advance our living environments is the main purpose of the company’s existence.







Since its foundation, Magil Construction has been committed to building the vision of its clients across Canada and around the world.

It is through carrying out countless projects in all sectors of construction for more than 70 years that our company has acquired its expertise thanks to the high standards of its achievements.

We invite you to discover a fascinating story marked by invaluable and decisive encounters and events.

Our Story


Visionary and forward thinking, we strive to build an experienced and balanced team that emanates an important diversity of perspectives and ways of doing things, essential elements to stimulate innovation.

We favour an approach where the divergence of opinions encourages collaboration from which solutions to challenges emerge.

Our success is shaped by leading through partnership with gratitude and humility.

Our Executive Team


At Magil Construction, safety is an integral part of our business. We understand the importance of the safety and well-being of our employees, and continuously work toward providing a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace for all our employees, subcontractors, and visitors.

Work Safe, Home Safe is our motto, and we understand that no job is so important, and no service is so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform it safely.

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Magil Construction chooses to place humans at the heart of its vision. Our company encourages the entrepreneurship of our members and supports them in carrying out charitable activities.

By choosing causes that are meaningful to our people, giving back becomes more than a complement to professional activities, but the natural extension of our vision.

Many businessmen and women can testify to this.

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